Update Update [7/8/21] - Server Changes: The Revival
Started by RyzerG_

Server Changes:


  • Made it so players can no longer join using proxy/VPNs
  • Added /rules command to each server
  • Resolved permissions to allow for given actions to be completed on each server
  • Adjusted all available game modes:

    • KitPVP

    • Event

    • UHC
    • HMP (Hardcore Multiplayer)
  • Added new perks and cosmetics for ranked players

  • Ranked players can now fly in spawns of game modes and hubs
  • Added new tags for prefixes and suffixes
  • Changed sounds for menus
  • Updated resources
  • Forums up-to-date and new formatting
  • Added new reporting system for players
  • Increased number of available payment gateways for store
  • Punishment Reset (With Limits)
  • Exploit protection and anti-cheat revamp
  • Welcoming [MEDIA] members with a new notable rank! (Details to be released)
  • Added a blacklist punishment for Staff to issue
  • Compacted staff ranks
  • Adjusted Rank Pricing [USD]


  • Changed available perks for GOD and PRO rank (more details on forums)
  • All ranked players can now fly in the hub
  • New gadgets and player cosmetics for ranked players
  • Players can no longer hide staff and media users using hide item
  • New permission deny messages
  • Parkour made easier at the start
  • Checkpoint system for spawn parkour resolved
  • New statuses for server NPC's and scoreboard
  • Server version compatibility is now listed for each game
  • Queues for each server are now implemented
  • Updated NPC skins
  • Changed the prefix for default players


  • Added new combat tagging system
  • Added new kits
  • Added shop warp for enchanting and item purchase
  • Added new NPC's for information
  • Added barrier to the map to prevent dying/exploiting deaths
  • Added a new kill-streak system and levels
  • Cleared all player inventories, stats and levels
  • Added a blacksmith for kit selection
  • Expanded spawn and war zone regions for the map to prevent cheating
  • Changed server base version to improve stability
  • Removed some of the overpowered kits
  • Added protection for building on the map
  • Added a GUI for trading items
  • Added more player vaults
  • Added an auction shop for players to purchase other items being sold
  • Added an achievement system to the server to earn in-game money for shop and trades
  • Hid a secret button to get $1.00 in-game [lol]
  • Added new kill-streak recognition to the server and sounds/chat
  • Added a bounty system to encourage killing for a reward (cool-down)
  • Added boosting protection
  • Created top-killer scoreboard


  • Created skits for Live Hosted Events
  • Added scheduled Events
  • Prize Pools
  • Added Event Rank
  • Added queue system for Live Events


  • Added safe spawn location
  • Added ban for 30-min on death
  • An added perk for ranked players
  • Created seasons for resets
  • Added death counter (globally)
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