Info Rules
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General Rules

  1. Do not spam or use alts. This includes zalgo, repeated text, fast text, gibberish, excessive spoilers, excessive emojis, images, @mentions and links. Raids are included in this.

  2. Be respectful. Do not be mean, harass, abuse or threaten other users, staff included. Just don't be a dick.

  3. No discrimination, including hate speech, racial slurs or degrading messages.

  4. Do not talk about highly offensive or controversial topic. E.g. Extremism.

  5. Do not post NSFW, dirty content, NSFL, gore or vore in any form on any area of the network.

  6. Do not date people or sexualise anyone (including minors).

  7. No advertising. This includes voice chats, DMs, channels or through bots, messages or forum posts.

  8. Do not beg or repeatedly ask for things in chat.

  9. Do not post/use highly offensive nicknames, usernames, messages or pictures.

  10. Do not impersonate staff or other members. This includes bots.

  11. Do not issue any chargebacks or refunds.

  12. Do not promote/commit illegal actions or malicious ones such as hacking, viruses, torrents and ip-grabbers anywhere on the network.

  13. Do not argue with the staff. Decisions are final. Punishments are at the staff team's discretion.

  14. Do not scam players or staff or trade anything for IRL goods (money, currency, etc).

  15. Do not use alternate accounts at all or share accounts.

  16. All these rules are applicable to the website (forums and store), servers and discord.

Minecraft Rules

  1. Do not use any third party software or hardware or unapproved modifications that may give an unfair advantage in the game (includes hacks, mods and texture packs).

  2. Do not make offensive builds, items or creations.

  3. Do not create lag machines

  4. Do not exploit bugs or glitches. This includes duplicating.

  5. Report bugs, players and staff if they are found breaking rules or the game.

Towny Rules

  1. Do not trap players.

  2. Do not be AFK near automatic farms or grinders.

  3. Do not kill players with any form of tpa, tpahere.

  4. Do not spawn kill players within a town.

  5. Do not steal items from players in towns unless you have consent.

  6. Do not grief (exceptions are made during wars).

Discord Rules

  1. Follow all discord TOS and guidelines.

  2. Do not mention people without permission. This includes @here and @everyone.

  3. No voice chat surfing or switching channels repeatedly.

  4. No annoying, loud or high pitch noises or music.

  5. Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible. Resort to push to talk in your settings to reduce the issue.

  6. Do not shout, scream, earrape, play annoying noises or do anything that may cause harm or trauma for a user.

  7. General rules apply to discord where applicable.

These rules are subject to change anytime without warning. It is your duty to check these often and uphold them. Failure to do so will result in punishment. By using, logging into, signing up for our website, store, forums, discord you agree to follow these rules and are bound by them. We also don't approve 'rule lawyers' as stated, staff have discretion to punish those they think are breaking rules.

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