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If you feel any of the modifications on this list should be changed, message a staff member so we can review and potentially make appropriate changes. Please assume that any mod not listed below is NOT permitted on our network! It is possible for mods to get you BANNED on OverClocked. Allowed Mods: Optifine Shaders LabyMod 5Zig Armour HUD Direction HUD Potion effect HUD Toggle Sneak Toggle Sprint Cape mods Replay mods FastChat Keystrokes mod PlayerAPI ShinyPots TabbyChat Discord Integration Mod Cps Display Mod Time changer Crosshair mod Clients: Hyperium Client Badlion Client Zonix Client CosmicClient Cheatbreaker Client OCMC Lunar Client
24 days ago

Server Changes: Global: Made it so players can no longer join using proxy/VPNs Added /rules command to each server Resolved permissions to allow for given actions to be completed on each server Adjusted all available game modes: KitPVP Event UHC HMP (Hardcore Multiplayer) Added new perks and cosmetics for ranked players Ranked players can now fly in spawns of game modes and hubs Added new tags for prefixes and suffixes Changed sounds for menus Updated resources Forums up-to-date and new formatting Added new reporting system for players Increased number of available payment gateways for store Punishment Reset (With Limits) Exploit protection and anti-cheat revamp Welcoming [MEDIA] members with a new notable rank! (Details to be released) Added a blacklist punishment for Staff to issue Compacted staff ranks Adjusted Rank Pricing [USD] Lobby: Changed available perks for GOD and PRO rank (more details on forums) All ranked players can now fly in the hub New gadgets and player cosmetics for ranked players Players can no longer hide staff and media users using hide item New permission deny messages Parkour made easier at the start Checkpoint system for spawn parkour resolved New statuses for server NPC's and scoreboard Server version compatibility is now listed for each game Queues for each server are now implemented Updated NPC skins Changed the prefix for default players KitPVP: Added new combat tagging system Added new kits Added shop warp for enchanting and item purchase Added new NPC's for information Added barrier to the map to prevent dying/exploiting deaths Added a new kill-streak system and levels Cleared all player inventories, stats and levels Added a blacksmith for kit selection Expanded spawn and war zone regions for the map to prevent cheating Changed server base version to improve stability Removed some of the overpowered kits Added protection for building on the map Added a GUI for trading items Added more player vaults Added an auction shop for players to purchase other items being sold Added an achievement system to the server to earn in-game money for shop and trades Hid a secret button to get $1.00 in-game [lol] Added new kill-streak recognition to the server and sounds/chat Added a bounty system to encourage killing for a reward (cool-down) Added boosting protection Created top-killer scoreboard Event: Created skits for Live Hosted Events Added scheduled Events Prize Pools Added Event Rank Added queue system for Live Events HMP: Added safe spawn location Added ban for 30-min on death An added perk for ranked players Created seasons for resets Added death counter (globally)
24 days ago

Wow. It has been a really long time… Longer than I expected. I am alive, however! Now before I get started with any new updates to the server, I would like to explain what has happened with me and the server during the period in which I was inactive. During the past months, with current circumstances and my plans for my education, I was unable to contribute as much as I had wished to this server and community. Overall, with many things going wrong where I live in terms of health and safety regulations and in combination with my outside work and school, it became harder to manage the server and do everything that I was required to do IRL. I will not go too specific about that because it is boring. Despite this, I do want to say that I do regret that choice of neglecting and not making an effort to this community and I really do appreciate all of you who are reading this and stayed loyal to this community! I really do not deserve such an amazing group of people like you guys, and I hope that I can bring this community back to 100% activity like before and become an amazing server together. Now, let us get into more of the server-related side of things. As many of you may know, the server as of now is set to a whitelist (and has pretty much been like that or offline for a while). However, that is not how it is going to stay! Starting this week, my plan is to complete all the finishing touches to the server and release a brand-new revived version to you all. So far, game modes and servers are configured and now, it is down to me and the staff to touch up and bug test initially. Overall, I know that we as a community can rebuild this server together and make it a place where we can all feel welcomed and have fun. Understandably we have lost many Discord members over the past while, but I do think we can rebuild, and I too will help by sending this to them to encourage them to join back with us. Here is the fun part! Since I know that there will be a need for some attraction to the server, I am planning on doing a $100 dollar PayPal competition on the server. Now while I wait to fully announce the specifics of this competition and how you can enter and win this. I hope that this will bring many new players and members to join the community to participate and make new friends and chat with others! (Which still is my mission and goal for the server!). Since this is a changelog, there are a lot of changes and updates that are going to be announced below this. If anyone here has any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to mention me or staff and they can help you direct your message properly. To close, I just want to encourage all of you to invite anyone you know who may be interested in joining this community and helping us become something great and talk with others with the same interests. Once again, I could not have done any of this without each and every one of you guys. Thank you all. @RyzerG_ | Network Owner
24 days ago